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JOYO D-SEED Digital Delay Electric Guitar

$104.50 AUD $126.50 AUD

JOYO D-SEED Digital Delay Electric Guitar EffectsKey Features...17ms-1000ms delay time (set by the knob of the panel).With the TAP-TEMPO function, you can set the delay time at any time by pressing the TAP-TEMPO button without the need for redundant mode switching.In TAP-TEMPO mode, the delay time is automatically extended to a maximum of 6000ms.Du..


3-Band EQ Equalizer with Chromatic Tuner

$27.50 AUD $36.50 AUD

3-Band EQ Equalizer with Chromatic Tuner Mid Frequency Control Piezo Ceramic PickupKey Features...GT-4 EQ is a 3 Band EQ with volume control function, chromatic tuner.High definition LED display module.Feedback-fighting notch filter/ Phase / Middle frequency control.Manufacturer SpecificationsGeneralItem type:3 band equalizerFrequency response: 20H..


JOYO JF-16 British Sound Simulator

$57.00 AUD $79.00 AUD

JOYO JF-16 British Sound Effects Pedal with Classic Brit-Rock Era Amp SimulatorKey Features...Achieve tone of the British Rock era amps with ease.6 Controls for complete sound manipulation, unique growl.Quality components, true-bypass wiring means no signal loss.Voice control allows midrange sound shaping between guitars.Manufacturer Specifications..


JOYO JF-14 Sound Effects Pedal Amplifier

$58.50 AUD $81.00 AUD

JOYO JF-14 American Sound Effects Pedal AmplifierKey Features...LED power indicator. Powered by 6F22 9V battery (included) (Best with Polaroid 9V Batteries).American sound, simulates Fender 57 Deluxe amplifier.High, mid, and low sound switches and voice, level and drive switches.True bypass design to minimize tone loss.Manufacturer SpecificationsGe..


JOYO JF-12 Voodoo Octave Guitar Pedal

$54.50 AUD $75.00 AUD

JOYO JF-12 Voodoo Octave Guitar Pedal Electric Guitar EffectsKey Features...Features both distortion and octave guitar effects.Allows you to add both an octave up sound, as well as distortion tones.True Bypass wiring, inch jacks and connectors.Aluminum alloy casing with stoving varnish finish.Take your tone an octave up and add some fuzz too! A mi..


IRIN Solidwood Matte Violin - AV-206

$101.00 AUD $127.00 AUD

IRIN 4/4 Solidwood Matte Violin for Musical Stringed Instrument Lovers Beginners - AV-206 Key Features...Perfect strings,featured pitch stability, good play-ability and fast turning.Adjusting the violin sound according to the player`s preference.Straight uniform bow strings,moderate weight,good elasticity.Manufacturer SpecificationsGeneral Item..


Cherub WSM-240 Protable Digital Metronome

$20.00 AUD $26.50 AUD

Cherub WSM-240 Protable Drum Universal Electronic Guitar Bass Metronome Tuner Rhythm Device Drum Piano Digital MetronomeKey Features...Metronome and Tone Generator.Measure indicator makes practice easier.Pre-beat (up beat) function gets the player ready to start the song.Vertical metronome (downbeat indicator) gives a more direct view of the beat.U..


JOYO JF-13 Ac Tone Tube Amplifier Effects

$58.00 AUD $79.50 AUD

JOYO JF-13 Ac Tone Vintage Tube Amplifier Effects Pedal Analog Circuit BypassKey Features...Level and Drive controls add incredible range.Modeling achieves famous VOX AC-30 tone.Distortion is warm and natural, with subtlety in mind.Quality components, bypass freature with 9V battery included.6 knobs allow complete control over pedal dynamics.Manufa..


JOYO JF-36 Sweet Baby Overload Guitar Effect

$53.50 AUD $74.50 AUD

JOYO JF-36 Sweet Baby Overload Electric Guitar EffectKey Features...A low-gain overdrive, you can tweek the special Focus knob to adapt to various overdrive styles.True bypass design.Warm color, compact structure.Manufacturer SpecificationsGeneralItem type:Electric guitar effectsSuitable for musical instruments: electric guitarBrand: JOYOProduct si..


JOYO JCP-01 Capo with Guitar Pick Black

$10.50 AUD $13.50 AUD

JOYO JCP-01 Fashion Simple Lightweight Capo with Guitar Pick for Electric and Acoustic Guitar BlackKey Features...Made of high quality material, strong and durable.It can clamp on most fingerboard.Keep the strings nice and tight.Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry and use.Manufacturer SpecificationsGeneralDescription:Item type: CapoColor: S..


WST-640G Auto-on Guitar tuner

$9.00 AUD $11.50 AUD

WST-640G Auto-on Guitar tunerKey Features...100% Brand new and high qualityAuto-on once the tuner head stands upAuto-off when the tuner head falls downAuto-off in 5 minutes if there is no input signalPower supply: 3 V(CR2032)Lithium battery(not included)Manufacturer SpecificationsGeneralAuto-on once the tuner head stands upAuto-off when the tuner h..


Dragonpad Acoustic Guitar Pickup

$14.50 AUD $19.00 AUD

Dragonpad Acoustic Guitar PickupThe Acoustic Guitar Pickup is designed especially for clipping in the sound hole,and is easy to clip on and take off.The pickup is able to pick up the original tone of your guitar regardless of any background noise...


5-Claw Rubber Violin Mute Silencer Quiet

$5.00 AUD $5.50 AUD

5-Claw Rubber Violin Mute Silencer Quiet Practice Violin Mute Reduce Volume Musical Instrument AccessoriesProvides a high level of muting while preserving more tone quality than the metal variety.It greatly reduces volume for apartment and late night practicing.Great for practicing playing violin when you don`t want to disturb your family or friend..


Cherub WST-550VM Violin and Mandolin Tuner

$19.00 AUD $25.50 AUD

Cherub WST-550VM Clip-On Violin and Mandolin TunerSpecifications:* Tuning range: A2(110Hz)~G5(783.99Hz) * Tuning mode: Violin, Mandolin * Tuning precision: 1 cent * A4 range: 440Hz * Detection Method: Clip * Display mode: LED Display * Tuning method: Auto * Power supply: 3V(CR2032)Lithium battery Package included:1 x WST-550VM Tuner1 x User`s manua..


Guitar Fret Crowning File Dressing File

$22.50 AUD $28.00 AUD

Guitar Fret Crowning File Dressing File with 3 Size Edges Professional Luthier Tools StringedThe file has 3 different sizes edges, 1mm for narrow frets, 2mm for medium frets and 3mm for wide frets Concave file in center.Safe edge prevents damage to fingerboard.Narrow fret crowning file after leveling.4` long filing surface and rubber handle for com..

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